eBook— Learning Doesn't Have to Hurt:
The Magic of Relationship in Teaching & Learning

for parents, teachers & homeschoolers
by Mariaemma Willis

Table of Contents Includes:
- How Parents & Teachers Become Success Coaches
- Disability vs Strengths Focus
- Relieving Homework Stress
- Success Tips for Lighting, Sound, Colors
- Safety = #1 Need for True Learning
- Success in the Real World
- Celebrating Our Children & Ourselves

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eBook— What To Do When They Don't Get It:
Simple Teaching Techniques That Work Like Magic

for parents, teachers & homeschoolers
by Mariaemma Willis

Part 1 - Positive Approaches
Definitions and Inspiring Quotes
Testing and Labeling: Help or Hindrance
What Do You Mean You Don’t Get It?
Can This Really Count for School?
Alternatives To Testing and Grading: Portfolios
The Magic Tool: Information Mapping
Words That Energize
Part 2 – Reading & Spelling
Introduction to Reading & Spelling
Mechanics of Reading & Spelling
Spelling – for weird words
Duet Reading – for word recognition & fluency
A Different Kind of Vision Problem: Scotopic Sensitivity
Part 3 – Comprehension & Written Expression
Written Expression
Part 4 – Math & Memory
Math Tricks: Borrowing, Carrying, Word Problems, and more
Memory Cues
Part 5 - What Else?
Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, ADD, etc.
A Few More Tips
Last Thoughts

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Discover Your Child's Learning Style— paperback or Kindle version

by Mariaemma Willis & Victoria Kindle Hodson

Discover Your Child’s Learning Style shows you how to assess and nurture your child’s individual learning potential based on his or her Talents, Interests, Dispositions, Preferred Environment, and more. Inside is a step-by-step approach that guides you to a better understanding of your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses, goals and interests, and inner peace. You’ll discover how to create the right atmosphere for learning in the home. Most importantly, you’ll help your child excel not only in school but in life as well.

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