Power of You NOW Adult Coaching/Mentoring
 short term or ongoing

Discover your Power Traits... empower yourself to be who you are meant to be & do what you are meant to do."
Willis & Hodson

Find out:
• your set of personal success styles or Power Traits
• how your styles handle time, money, and relationships
• needs, motivators, and roadblocks associated with your styles
• positive contribution of your styles and possible conflicts with other styles
• tips to make life easier and more successful at home and work
• career opportunities for your styles

Let go of your Mistaken Identity & embrace your True Identity

• Find out what makes you tick!
• Go for that promotion, take a specialized course, or start a new career based on information about your Dispositions, Talents, Interests, Modalities & best Environment
•Improve communication at work and home based on a new understanding of yourself and the people in your life
•Use your Power Traits to go for what you need or want

If you had negative growing-up experiences at school or at home you will gain new insights into the genius inside of you!

Initial Consultation: $275.00
Coaching / Mentoring: $60 per session

Choose Monthly, Twice-Monthly, or Weekly Coaching / Tutoring
short term or ongoing

Discounted rates for 12 or more sessions

Call to get started: 805-648-1739


I used to think I was crazy or stupid. You have made me feel okay again. I am so grateful to you. This has changed my life.

I always feel better after I talk with you. Thanks for your encouragement. I know this is your job, but I can tell that you have a true passion for helping others! Your gift has been to encourage us that we’re doing fine – that there’s a learning curve and it’s okay to go through it.

I love the methodology used by Mariaemma ... Even has an adult, finding out about my learning style was very beneficial! Kids flourish with this program.

It was such a relief to talk with you today. Your philosophy is like a breath of fresh air.

Thank you for continuing to offer your courses and give people (including me) the opportunity to be better at everything we do. You inspire me with your dedication to success for others. I’m so glad to have you in my life.

I have really appreciated all the information, and I think it has helped save my marriage as well as give me insight into my daughter and myself! Thank you for all your helpful information, and I wish you all the best to continue helping enlighten and encourage others!