Learning Strengths Consultation - for students of all ages

“Educators are finally recognizing that unique learning needs are the norm rather than the exception.”
Warger & Pugach, Educational Leadership, February 1996

The goal of the Learning Strengths Consultation is to allow students of all ages to:
   • develop their natural Talents and Interests
   • unlock potentials in academic areas
   • develop confidence and problem solving skills
   • discover their direction / mission in life
   • prepare for a productive adulthood

The consultation includes:

   • Self-Portrait™ Learning Strengths Assessment -
   • Private consultation, 1 1/2 to 2 hours
     (clients within driving distance meet at the office,
      long distance clients by phone or video call)
   • School Year Plan and Recommendations

At the appointment you will:

   • Learn best ways for this student to process information
   • Discover techniques that work best for his/her learning
   • Get recommendations for appropriate curriculum & materials

If student attends a traditional school
, you will be given ideas to work with the student at home plus information you can share with student's teachers.

If you are homeschooling, this program will allow student to fulfill grade requirements in a way that is appropriate to his / her learning needs, by choosing from a wide selection of workbooks, textbooks, computer programs, videos, audio tapes, and hands-on learning techniques and materials.

College students or adults in other training programs will learn strategies to make learning easier and more enjoyable.

Investment: $375.00
Call to set up your consultation: 805-648-1739


We have been so incredibly thrilled with the whole learning assessment. It is the most wonderful thing. It was a fantastic experience. It’s going to make a world of difference for my daughter. I can’t tell you how much struggle and frustration we have had for years – this is the answer.


Mariaemma is a brilliant educator!! She saved my kids' hearts and spirits and gave them gifts of self-trust and learning through their own styles! They are flourishing now as they move into adulthood.

Connie Baxter Marlow
Cameron/Baxter Films/Books & The Trust Frequency

Thank you for your expertise, your many invaluable recommendations for resources/materials, and your delightful and professional way of being with my daughter and with me. You are truly a master of your craft. Parent

It was such a relief to talk with you today. Your philosophy is like a breath of fresh air. Parent

Mariaemma is exceptional at working with children to teach them how to learn easily and effectively. She is highly skilled as a coach and trainer.

Barbara Greene
Myfunctional Therapist

Thank you for your wonderful work helping children and their parents to understand each other.


I came away from our discussion feeling so positive about the learning plan you set up for my daughter, and look forward with joyful expectation to working with you this next school year.   Parent