School - At - Home Coaching & Tutoring
 short term or ongoing

Paying attention to individual learning needs is not indulgent; it is intelligent!
Willis & Hodson

Issues with your child's school or teachers? 
You can take control of your child's education and
future well-being.

Clashing with your children's different personalities?

Restore peace and improve relationships at home.

Frustrated with schooling at home?

Gain confidence and peace of mind in your choices of
materials, curriculum, and approach to learning.

Full Year Homeschooling Coaching
Enrollment Consultation: $375
Monthly Coaching: $600 per school year
Bi-monthly Coaching: $1000 per school year
Weekly Coaching: $2000 per school year
Coaching pro-rated for mid-year enrollment
Payment schedule available

Short Term or As Needed Coaching or Tutoring
For parent or student
Monthly, Twice-Monthly, or Weekly Coaching / Tutoring
Initial Consultation: $275
Coaching / Tutoring Sessions: $60 per session
Discounted rates for 12 or more sessions

Call to get started: 805-648-1739 or email [email protected]


Mariaemma Willis is an excellent educator for parents and students. Her insight and experience working with students with various learning styles provide valuable ideas and resources for student (and parent) success. Mariaemma is interesting, engaging, and fun to work with.

Lydia Herrera

I always feel better after I talk with you. Thanks for your encouragement. I know this is your job, but I can tell that you have a true passion for helping others with learning! Your gift has been to encourage us that we’re doing fine – that there’s a learning curve and it’s okay to go through it.


I love the methodology used by Mariaemma ... Even has an adult, finding out about my learning style was very beneficial! Kids flourish with this program.

Julieanne Case


... with your patience and our perseverence my daughter is now the “language and grammar queen.” She loves to read, her spelling is stellar and writing is her favorite subject.


My son realized for the first time in his life that he can learn because of Mariaemma’s patience and encouragement.

Your fun, down-to-earth spirit combined with your extensive knowledge and experience make you indeed a treasure!

What a difference when I work with him in his learning style. Delight and Motivation


Mariemma stepped into the lives of my two free-spirited and alternative-learner children and ensured their emotional and academic success through her unique understanding of the human psyche and the multi-faceted learning possibilities and methods to realize each child's needs. They are now in their thirties and flourishing - we are eternally grateful for our association with Mariaemma.

Connie Baxter Marlow

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