School At Home Made Easier

Strengths-Based Learning for School & Life Success

with Mariaemma Willis

Different Learners, Different Needs

Applying strategies for various learning needs makes learning
easier and more fun for students, parents, and teachers.

•Find out how your child/student learns best
•Focus on strengths & finding solutions
•Facilitate family harmony, team building, and classroom engagement

Learning Strengths Consultation with Mariaemma

Includes Self-Portrait™ Strengths Assessment ​​​​​​​


Growing GiveNTake Kids: Power Traits for Life™
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School At Home Coaching/Tutoring

​​​​​Monthly, Bi-monthly or Weekly sessions
to help you stay on track or solve issues


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Self-Portrait™ Learning Strengths Assessment

Take it online and get immediate results
with guides and recommendations. Use code
MWLSP for $5.00 off each assessment

Book: Discover Your Child's Learning Style

Children Learn in Unique Ways— Here's the
Key to Every Child's Learning Success
By Mariaemma Willis & Victoria Kindle Hodson ​​​​​​​

eBooks: What To Do When They Don't Get It,
Learning Doesn't Have to Hurt

for parents, teachers, homeschoolers
by Mariaemma Willis ​​​​​​​

My Philosophy

I focus on the unique needs of each child and adult. I present a positive approach that is based on working with each person’s natural gifts and abilities, rather than applying labels such as A.D.D., Dyslexic, Hyperactive, or Learning Disabled. I show adults and children how to discover and use their strengths and passions to reach academic, career, and life goals.

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